Update : 08/2020

Extra protection against Corona virus , I suggest


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Write posts and earn USD !

Multiple payment method : PayPal, Bitcoin, Payeer, Perfectmoney !
Withdraw threshold : $1
High Paying contest !


Clean faucet!
No pop up!
Only solvemedia captcha!
Passive income!


Clean faucet!
10000 bitcoin satoshi minimum payout to FaucetPay!
Earn bitcoin plus daily compound interest!


Clean faucet!
3000 bitcoin satoshi minimum payout!
One captcha every hour!

Earning money online free & Tutorials 🐂!

Guildlines and Cautions!

This site will teach you how to earn money online freely out of scam !

Earning rewards include Flat currency (USD,HKD Paypal) & crypto coins (Bitcoin and Altcoins ) & Gift cards!

Earning Categories includes free cryptos sites, RPG games, freelance jobs, writing sites, website viewings, website/blogs monetization, photos/videos monetization etc!

Tutorials and Strategies are provided freely on how to earn passive income without investment !

Earn from your own activities!

No cheating! No pyramid scheme ! No gambling except free games no need to deposit! No deposit! (For sure you will lose everything doing so!)

I don't recommend any deposits and investment of your hard earned money!

Better stay away ICO schemes & airdrops!

I don't recommend use your own money to buy any cryptos or virtual currencies! Just earning yourself freely!




!!! Hot Hot!!!

Star war game!
Earn money while playing !
Progressive level up and buying equipments to go strong!
Very low minimum payout thresholds !


Best bitcoin ptc 👍

High paying bitcoin ptc and faucet 👊

bitcoin ptc and faucet! (solvemedia captcha)💥
Good paying bitcoin ptc and faucet💥(2 shortlinks start,then solve media)
Very high paying ptc ads and faucets!
Very low minimum payout threshold in bitcoin!
Clean sites!
Starter free redeem code!


Another trusted Ads network! Monetize your websites in few steps!

Configure your monetiziation setting!
Get paid from Clicks!
Pay in bitcoins!
Low payout threshold!


Great multicoin earnings site!💲 Free bonus coins at the start!🎁 Accumulated bonus tokens ! Trade in marketplace !💱 Join now for free!💵

Unlimited faucet claiming with more than 10 coins!
High paying PTC ads everyday!
Low payout threshold!


Monetize your websites in few steps!

Configure your monetiziation setting!
Get paid from Leads!
Pay in bitcoins!
Low payout threshold!


Clean earning (100 more coins free!)

Only type in a string of numerical characteristics to get free coins! (eg. type in "453784" to get paid!)
Clean site!
Marketplace for exchange coins!

Clean earning bitcoin (One captcha)

Earning free bitcoin with one captcha!
Progressive earning!
Very low payout threshold!

Free Coins Game (Cointiply )🔥🔥

Earn passive income without investment ! (Weekly interest )

Earn from easy facuet (solvemedia captcha )! 
Many Ptc ads!💲
Extra boost equipment (Free)🚀
Very High Paying!!

Best autofacuet!Instant Paying!

Many coins to choose !
Upgrade your account level without cost !
Instant Paying !

Another battle game!

Level upgrades game!

Battle monsters or players to gain rewards !

Paying bitcoin directly or via most microwallets below!

Build your passive income!

Earn cryptocurrency from many different possibilities !
Good site for earning passive income !
Payment with low minimum payout thresholds !


Earn stars from activities and receive cryptos you deserve !
Support many microwallets !


Just got paid 90000 bitcoin satoshi !
Play mini games and earn passive income!
Direct payment !

Must join! You can receive money from PayPal , bank transfer,  Bitcoin!

If you are in cryptocurrency or bitcoin, here must joined microwallet sites (similar to facuethub)!

1. Coinpayments🌟

2. Kswallets🌟🌟

Facuet lists:
Bitcoin facuet 1

3. Expresscrypto🌟🌟🌟

Facuet lists:
Litecoin facuet 1

Express dutchycorp: Auto multicoins facuet 1

Facuetworld: Auto multicoins facuet 2

Ex mixed facuets


4. Cedsonhub- A “new” microwallet!🌟
-Act as bitcoin and altcoin storage microwallet
-More than 100 facues earning free coins

5.  FaucetPay 🌟🌟

-A microwallet linked by bitcoin address you want!

Facuet lists:


5.  Walcrypt 🌟🌟

A microwallet with free faucet!

Facuet lists:



0. Go to Telegram

1. Go to Alert⛑

2. Go to Description

3. Go to Essential wallets💳/ Tutorial📚

4. Go to Hot🔥+Hot2🔥

5. Go to Featured Multifunctional Games🎮(Featured 3 kinds of bonus🎁!Very high Paying💲)

6. Closed in this month as Announced!

7. Go to Featured Cool Games⚡

8. Go to Ads network (Advertisers or Publishers )📰

9. Go to Forums paying you to write✏

10. Go to Essential Payment Processors💱

11. Go to Legit Sites Games Paying you Real Money(Crypto games,Forums, Exchangers,Freelance,Writing sites,Selling Marketplace,PTC sites, Tutoring,Website Hosting, More Ads network )💲

12. Payment proof!💵






: Some ads has shown investment and gambling ! Never go for them!! Even Paying sites, don’t invest and gambling,  you can 99.99% lose everything !! Be an honest online player, don’t cheat and scam others! Don’t play overnight,  be careful of your health !



  • Paying : Get paid within 1 month
  • New: Not cashout yet, but worth trying ! Mostly I follow forums comments that they are Paying !! Very few or no negative reviews !
  • Scam: I don’t get paid ( Usually removed already )

Essential wallets!

to store your earnings & exchange to real cash or bank transfer :

1. Paypal
Transfer your USD earnings to bank!
2. Microwallet
💲Collect your crypto earnings coins to this wallet,💲fill in your coins wallet addresses (use coinomi addresses or other wallet address you like to connect, and use those addresses for collecting coins from facuethub facuets !) , 💲exchange to bitcoin and then 💲transfer the lump sum to localbitcoin wallet !
3. Localbitcoin  💲Trade with local traders, receives cash or bank transfer by selling your bitcoin! (Most trusted and protect sellers !)
4. Coinomi App (In appstore)
This wallet help collect all 100 more different types of crypto coins(altcoins) you collect and exchange to real cash in bitcoin ATM located around the world ! or facuethub has internal exchange system you can use !
5. Best crypto coins exchange marketplace plus free coins!(Especially for new coins!)

Well done !
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Very high Paying! Always pay in bitcoin! Try now! 100/100 !

Claim for free bitcoin plus free advertising; Instant Paying to facuethub!

Paying!Very high Paying, No minimum & Instant Paying to facuethub!

Paying!Fast Paying BTC!💰

Paying!View ads (many), many ads each day, 100 sats minimum & Instant Paying! Good Paying !💰

1. Best Paying Instant!

Use Telegram to earn money! Follow simple instructions! High earnings!📱

#Cautions📣: Don’t join or participate any investment if asked! Don’t greedy anyway!#
@Only do simple activities like following messages (unless illegal promotions, but 99% more are legal), join chat (passive income rain), view ads, like Facebook, Instagram etc!@

Using Telegram and get paid!(Doge, High earnings!) +Using Telegram and get paid!(BTC)+
Using Telegram and get paid!(BCH)+
Using Telegram and get paid!(ZEC)+
Using Telegram and get paid!(DogeCoin)+

Good sites you must join in crytoworld! High earnings!📈

0. New!

Very excited strategic mining games ! Earn passive income !

>Paying! Bitcoin Instant Paying! No minimum!💲

>Paying !One recaptcha=17 sats(Instant Paying!)💲

>Paying !One time facuet(Very high Paying💥)

>Paying!One solvemedia captcha !💲    &   Clean instant Paying facuet 1💲+Clean instant Paying facuet 2💲

Below site you can earn credits and exchange to 6 different popular cryptos and withdraw to facuethub (no minimum withdraw threshold & instant payment !)
Level up system !
Must try!👎

Great autofacuet claiming 18 coins at once ! Level up system!👎

2. Paying!No captcha 42 sats/1 hour !⚡

3. Paying*4  litecoinads | PTC/CPA/VIDEOS and a Revenue Share
Instant Paying LTC to facuethub !🚄

4. New!Great multicoin earnings site!💲 Free bonus coins at the start!🎁 Accumulated bonus tokens ! Trade in marketplace !💱 Join now for free!💵
Non stop claiming facuets !

5. New!Bitcoin earn more!

6. New!Register here first!  All in one: 100 more cryptocurrency coins to claim, buy shares📈, staking coins💵, exchange to earn more !💱 (i don’t recommended to invest your own money!!)
High staking interest!💵

7. New!Use your website to earn money ! 💻  Earn passive income without investment !

8. New! Collect keys to big treasures 🎁

9. New! Earn 30 coins per facuet claim!💲

10. Paying*4  Best freelance marketplace you should try it out !📑   
Learning from Best marketplace !
Paypal /Payoneer payment !💳

11. Doubt! Earn Dogecoin @ Dogecoin @
High doge Paying facuet!
Only one solvemedia captcha !

12. New! Tons of Coins!💲

13. New! Shortening URL services ! (Pay you! $0.4 minimum withdraw threshold !)💰

16. NEW! Earn bitcoin from traffic ⚡! &
Instant facuet💲 Earn passive income without investment !

17. Paying*4 ♠️Answer questions and earn 💲Just upvotes can earn good money!!(Culture, Fashion, IT, Language, History, Geography, Sports etc) 📚
Best QA forever !❓
Instant Paying !💲

19. Paying*3Surfe.be - passive income
👆Earn while you surf internet normally !
👆Earn while you place banner ads on your website !
👆Withdraw minimum 💲0.03

20. Best RPG Clickfight !🎮

Possibly every minute passive income if you fight well in arenas lv 20!
Use any device to kill monster 🔫!
Unlimited earnings !
Easy upgrade earn more !
No minimum withdraw threshold 💲!

Status : Paying many times*26,Very exciting, Highly recommended !

21. Paying!*1Excellent Ads Network you must join! 💥

Clean Crypto! Instant 💲Paying*1 !

22. New:FreeDoge: Annual interest 6%🏦

23. New:FreeLTC : Annual interest 6%🏦

24. New:Free Zec (Annual interest %)🏦

25. New:Free Bitcoin Cash: Annual interest 🏦

26. New:Free BTX (Annual interest =11%)🏦


29. New:

31. Paying*1: Good paying ETH : Instant 💲

Great Autofaucet lists!


32. New: Great ptc admin 🌠(Up to 16 dollars per ad💰)

♠️33. Paying*2: Watch YouTube videos earn you money 🎶

♠️34. New: Brand new bitcoin clicking ads network 💲

♠️35. New:High paying bitcoin free💲

♠️36. New:New Ads network 💲
Some Payment proof (Bottom of the page )!

Bottom of this page !

37. Suspect :


Featured 3 kinds of bonus🎁!(Very high Paying💲)

👇 : All paying many times🌠 !

0. Paying*2💥💥Very high paying!💥💥

1. Doge💲(Daily Bonus++)

2. LTC💲(Daily Bonus++)

3. Dash💲(Daily Bonus++)

4. BTC Cash💲(Daily Bonus++)

5. BTC💲

7. BTC1 💲(solve media captcha )

6. BTC2💲(solve media captcha )

Sbily : BTC💰

Status :  General facuets!! (One captcha ), Paying > 50 times


Cool games☃️


Free Coins Game (Cointiply )🔥🔥

Earn passive income without investment ! (Weekly interest )

Earn from easy facuet (solvemedia captcha )! 
Many Ptc ads!💲
Extra boost equipment (Free)🚀
Very High Paying!!

Status : Paying on time*5 , Highly recommended, Interesting , very high paying and earning opportunities  !!!

0b. Digimons bitcoin Game🔫

Play Pokemon fighting win satoshi !
Make your Pokemon stronger !
1 satoshi withdraw threshold !

Status : Paying*2 ,  recommended 

2. Money clicker💲

Click and earn real money paying PayPal and bitcoin !

Status : Paying but need wait a month*4 , Interesting 

Use your earnings to upgrade and earn more!

4. Token>Bitcoin 💵

Claim and earn tokens!

Use your tokens to exchange 10 more cryptocurrency !

Fast withdraw ! No minimum withdraw !

Status : Paying*2

6. Earn bitcoin ! Level up free and earn more bitcoin !💲

Solve simple solve media captcha to earn many coins!
And upgrade earn bonus for each claim permanently !

Instant withdraw !

Status : Paying once 

7. Fire auto claim 🔥

Earn auto claim points and autoclaim 10 cryptocurrency coins ! Unlimited timers!

1 claim=10 coins earned !

Instant withdraw ! no minimum !

Status : Paying many times>100 times,  Highly recommended,  Interesting 


Play Crypto Mining Game

Earn good daily bonus🎁 ! Accumulated bonus 30 days🚀 !

Do mission and free upgrade📈 !

Virtual free miners⛏!

Play RPG games and cards to earn bitcoin 💰!

Status : Paying many times>20 times,  High paying , Very  Interesting,  Highly recommended !

Free contract miner mining bitcoin automatically💰 ! Pay in facuethub !🎮

Free to get miner ⛏!
Mine your bitcoin automatically !
Buy more to get more bitcoin !
Withdraw to facuethub 💲!

Status : Paying*7 , Interesting , Very clean !

13.Auto satoshi🚀 !

Earn auto claim points and autoclaim 14 cryptocurrency coins at the same time💱 !
Unlimited timers⏳!
Level up free and earn more🚀 !
Instant withdraw 💲

Status : Only pay in bitcoin !

15b. Best RPG Clickfight !🎮

Use any device to kill monster🔫 !
Unlimited earning💰 !
Easy upgrade earn more 🚀!
No minimum withdraw threshold 💲!

Status : Paying many times>20 times,Very Interesting, Highly recommended !

16.Set up virtual Labs, earn bitcoin for free!💲

Playing chemistry labs earn bitcoin🔋 !!

Earn bitcoin from facuet and offerwall !
Buy miners for earn passive income without reinvestment !
Level up earn more !

Status : Paying*3, Very interesting , Recommended 

18a. BitClix | Bitcoin PTC | Earn Bitcoin by Clicking Ads💲

1000 satoshi minimum withdraw threshold 💲!
Fast payout 🚄!
High paying ptc💲 !

Status : Paying*2 , Great PTC , Clean

18b. Coinpay you!!💲

10000 satoshi minimum withdraw threshold 💲!
Fast payout🚄 !
High paying ptc💥 !
Easy captcha ! Many ads🌟!

Status : Paying*1  ,  Clean



Ads networks!


1. A-ads: Best ads network to earn bitcoin💥 ! No minimum withdraw threshold💲 ! (Instant Paying everyday)🔥🔥

Best ads network !
Almost all sites approval !
No minimum withdraw threshold !

Status : Paying daily>100 times, Highly Recommende, Best♠️

#. Good ads networks for publishers and facuets owners 💲💲

Status : Paying , Highly Recommended

Almost all sites approval !
$1 minimum withdraw threshold !

Status : New 


Paid you to post forums!


Write comment post and get 20 beermoneyforum tokens✏ !

Exchange tokens for real PayPal USD! or exchange tokens for marketplace service !

Status : Paying many times*4, Very high paying 🔥, Informative , Highly recommended 



Sites below are still legit and paying till now !

Further Payment processers!


Processor👛 Characteristics Payment methods
Local Bitcoin🏦(Paying*4) Bitcoin wallet /trading💱 Bitcoin <>Real Cash💲
Faucethub(Paying*23 ) Changing ! Cryptocurrency exchange
Perfect money(Paying*6) Annual interest🏦  US$ <> Cryptocurrency coins
Payoneer(New) Receiving and sending payment🏦 US Dollars<> Bank

Status : Highly recommended 


#Legit Sites & Games Paying you Real Money(Crypto games,Forums, Exchangers,Freelance,Writing sites,Selling Marketplace,PTC sites, Tutoring,Website Hosting, More Ads network )

Facuethub here!

Cryptocurrency Games & Miscellaneous 🎰

Games 🎰 Characteristics Payment methods
Cointiply Annualinterest (Dec)

Passive income 

Bitcoin+ Faucethub
Crypto mining games Fast earnings Bitcoin, Altcoins Cryptocurrency coins +Faucethub
Money clicker Passive income PayPal +Bitcoin +Faucethub
Star coin Quick earnings 2000 Bitcoin +Faucethub
Click fight RPG fight for bitcoin Bitcoin +Faucethub
Quick BTC Level up games Bitcoin +Faucethub
Treasure Virtual Coins+ Gems +Upgrade USD Cash +Amazon/Ebay gift card
Forums✏ Characteristics Payment methods
Forum coin Forum earn $ PayPal
Money Forum Forum earn $

Great contests !

Marketplace !

Postloop Posting for $ PayPal
Exchangers💴 Characteristics Payment methods
Exchanger 1 USD, PayPal and cryptocurrency exchange PayPal, bitcoin, Bank
Exchanger 2 USD, PayPal and cryptocurrency exchange Sweden
Exchanger 3 USD, PayPal and cryptocurrency exchange PayPal, bitcoin, Bank
Exchanger 5 USD, PayPal and cryptocurrency exchange PayPal, bitcoin, Bank
Exchanger 6 USD, PayPal and cryptocurrency exchange PayPal, bitcoin, Bank
Exchanger 7 USD, PayPal and cryptocurrency exchange information! /
Freelance📖 Characteristics Payment methods
Seo clerk Miscellaneous jobs PayPal
Bitcoin freelance Miscellaneous jobs for bitcoin Bitcoin
Writing sites📝 Characteristics Payment methods
I writer Articles marketplace $ PayPal
Virily Passive income (views ) PayPal
infobarrel CPM views PayPal
Selling places Characteristics Payment methods
Image marketplace Passive income 

Buy sell image $

Bank, PayPal
Video marketplace Videos for $ Bitcoin
Click and earn🖱 Characteristics Payment methods
Donkey mail View ads, emails $

no captcha !

10 Payment options
my Free share View ads, share dividend 

Great contests !

no captcha !

10 Payment options
Get Paid Mail View ads, emails

no captcha 

10 Payment options
No minimum View ads, emails

no captcha !

10 Payment options
Your mail View ads, emails 10 Payment options
Tutors sites🗂 Characteristics Payment methods
Tutoring $ Make tutorial videos and earn

Passive income !

Hosting💻 Characteristics Payment methods
Easy Hosting 1 Websites hosting


Hosting 2 Websites hosting PayPal
Hosting 3 Websites hosting PayPal
Ads network🏖 Characteristics Payment methods
Ads network 2 Affiliate network, Revenue sharing

Passive income !

Ads network 3 Earn commission from sale

Passive income !

Ads network 4 Earn from sharing links PayPal, Payoneer

1) Registered on Faucethub , then fill in the wallet address of the coins in facuethub !

2) Click on the facuet link you interested in game or facuet section !

3) Simple registrations if required, or mostly enter your wallet address in facuethub !

4) Simple registration in Exchanger# and follow the instructions to cashout your btc within an hour ! I suggest easybtc116 trader!

🚀Income generates new Income !

Earn passive income without investment !

💰Paying , legit !

🔥Annual interest !