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Update : 06/08/2019

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  • Scam: I don’t get paid ( Usually removed already )

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Paying!One solvemedia captcha !

Paying*4  litecoinads | PTC/CPA/VIDEOS and a Revenue Share
Instant Paying litecoin to facuethub !

New!Great multicoin earnings site! Free bonus coins at the start! Accumulated bonus tokens ! Trade in marketplace ! Join now for free!
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New!Bitcoin earn more!

New!Register here first!  All in one: 100 more cryptocurrency coins to claim, buy shares, staking coins, exchange to earn more ! (i don’t recommended to invest your own money!!)
High staking interest!

New!Use your website to earn money !

New! Collect keys to big treasures 🎁

New! Earn 30 coins per facuet claim!

Paying*4  Best freelance marketplace you should try it out !   
Learning from Best marketplace !
Paypal /Payoneer payment !

New! Earn Dogecoin @ Dogecoin @
High doge Paying facuet!
Only one solvemedia captcha !

New! Tons of Coins!💲

New! Shortening URL services ! (Pay you! $0.4 minimum withdraw threshold !)

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Mysolidcoin (Don’t join!)💥

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New! High Paying BTC facuet !
One solvemedia captcha !
Average 30 satoshi per claim!

Paying*3, Very High Paying 
Excellent innovative new game app paid you cryptocurrency coins to play!💰
Play idle game earn HORA tokens , convert to bitcoin in facuethub !
How to earn money :
Play and upgrade your economy !
Climb up in leaderboards rankings to earn more !
Transfer earned tokens to bitcoin Here Admin support!

NEW! Earn bitcoin from traffic !

Paying*2 New simulated ape miner game!
Play, collect items, virtual mining for bitcoin, many free boost, upgrade !

Paying*4 ♠️Answer questions and earn 💲Just upvotes can earn good money!!(Culture, Fashion, IT, Language, History, Geography, Sports etc)
Best QA forever !
Instant Paying !

Paying*2 ! Earn Dogecoin, Steem, DGB etc together ! Withdraw whenever you like !🎁
Very clean facuet !
Claim once everyday with average 100 satoshi per claim!

Paying* - passive income
👆Earn while you surf internet normally !
👆Earn while you place banner ads on your website !
👆Withdraw minimum 💲0.03

Best RPG Clickfight !🎮

Possibly every minute passive income if you fight well in arenas lv 20!
Use any device to kill monster !
Unlimited earnings !
Easy upgrade earn more !
No minimum withdraw threshold !

Status : Paying many times*26,Very exciting, Highly recommended !

Paying!*1Excellent Ads Network you must join! 🎄

Clean Crypto! Instant Paying*1 !

New:FreeDoge: Annual interest 6%

New:FreeLTC : Annual interest 6%

New:Free Zec (Annual interest %)

New:Free Bitcoin Cash: Annual interest

New:Free BTX (Annual interest =11%)🎁

New:Bulb of Bitcoin🌡

Paying*3(Exchange ):Legit and fast exchanger, 7 times exchanges experience💱



New: 💱Brand new microwallet (similar to facuethub , Solve media captcha earn free cryptocurrency 💲 Try it out now!
with its high Paying Bitcoin facuet !

Paying*1: Good paying ETH : Instant 💲

Great Autofaucet lists!

New: Great ptc admin ⭐(Early bird 🐤🐥🐦🐧)

♠️Paying*2: Watch YouTube videos earn you money 💲

♠️New: Brand new bitcoin clicking ads network 💲

♠️New:High paying bitcoin free💲

♠️New:New Ads network 💲

Guide :

Some Payment proof (Bottom of the page )!

Bottom of this page !

Paying*2 :


All sites below paying up to now !

Featured Multifunctional Games👇 : All Paying many times


2. No Minimum Payout


High paying ptc ads!
High paying email ads!
Great contest!
Great offer!
Great traffic exchange !
Great PTP earnings !
10 more payout method !

Status: Paying*4 in total , Very old trusted sites! 

Featured 3 kinds of bonus(Very high paying !) 👇 : All paying many times !

0. Paying*2

1. Doge💲

2. LTC💲

3. Dash💲

4. BTC Cash💲

5. BTC💲

7. BTC1 💲(solve media captcha )

6. BTC2💲(solve media captcha )

Sbily : BTC💰

8.New: Easy bitcoin

Status :  General facuets!! (One captcha ), Paying > 50 times

Featured Cool Games👇


Free Coins Game🍺

Earn from easy facuet (solvemedia captcha )!
Many Ptc ads!
Extra boost equipment (Free)!

Status : Paying on time*5 , Highly recommended, Interesting , very high paying and earning opportunities  !!!

0b. Digimons bitcoin Game💲

Play Pokemon fighting win satoshi !
Make your Pokemon stronger !
1 satoshi withdraw threshold !

Status : Paying*2 ,  recommended 

0c. Bitcoin mines!💲

Solving solve media captcha = Auto mining bitcoin !
2000 satoshi withdraw threshold !

Status : Scam


Play games earn satoshi rains over whole day!

Buy mining equipment to earn passive bitcoin income !

Status : Fast payment*3  , Very Interesting 

2. Money clicker💲

Click and earn real money paying PayPal and bitcoin !

Status : Paying but need wait a month*4 , Interesting 

Use your earnings to upgrade and earn more!


Faucet game

Do simple starwar mission and earn free bitcoin !

2000 satoshi withdraw !

Status : Paying*11, Interesting , highly recommended 

4. Token>Bitcoin 💵

Claim and earn tokens!

Use your tokens to exchange 10 more cryptocurrency !

Fast withdraw ! No minimum withdraw !

Status : Paying*2

6. Earn bitcoin ! Level up free and earn more bitcoin !💲

Solve simple solve media captcha to earn many coins!
And upgrade earn bonus for each claim permanently !

Instant withdraw !

Status : Paying once 

7. Fire auto claim 🔥

Earn auto claim points and autoclaim 10 cryptocurrency coins ! Unlimited timers!

1 claim=10 coins earned !

Instant withdraw ! no minimum !

Status : Paying many times>100 times,  Highly recommended,  Interesting 

8. Free crypto (Solve media captcha )💲

Only solve media captcha !

individual timer! Means nearly no timer !

100 satoshi instant withdraw !

Status : Paying once


Play Crypto Mining Game

Earn good daily bonus ! Accumulated bonus 30 days !

Do mission and free upgrade !

Virtual free miners!

Play RPG games and cards to earn bitcoin !

Status : Paying many times>20 times,  High paying , Very  Interesting,  Highly recommended !

Free DGB coins💲 !

Free DGB coins with only one solve media captcha !
Like freebitco! Clean!
Instantly paid !

Status : Paying >50 times

Free contract miner mining bitcoin automatically ! Pay in facuethub !🎮

Free to get miner !
Mine your bitcoin automatically !
Buy more to get more bitcoin !
Withdraw to facuethub !

Status : Paying*7 , Interesting , Very clean !

13.Auto satoshi🚀 !

Earn auto claim points and autoclaim 14 cryptocurrency coins at the same time !
Unlimited timers!
Level up free and earn more !
Instant withdraw (only Bitcoin works! Don’t try altcoin !)

Status : Only pay in bitcoin !

15a.Monster War🕹

Earn free bitcoin without investment !
Fight monster earn great bitcoin !
Level up earn more B!
No minimum withdrawthreshold !

Status : Paying many times>10 times, Very interesting 

15b. Best RPG Clickfight !🎮

Use any device to kill monster !
Unlimited earnings !
Easy upgrade earn more !
No minimum withdraw threshold !

Status : Paying many times>20 times,Very Interesting, Highly recommended !

16.Set up virtual machine, earn bitcoin for free!🕹

Playing chemistry labs earn bitcoin !!

Earn bitcoin from facuet and offerwall !
Buy miners for passive income without reinvestment !
Level up earn more !

Status : Paying*3, Very interesting , Recommended 

17a.TRAFFIC for Bitcoin !💲

Use your free traffic exchange credits for earning free bitcoin !
PTP earnings !
All traffic allowed !

Status : Paying*5 , Great PTP , Passive income 

17b. Ad Bitcoin $💲

New: Earn bitcoin with any views of your site !
1 satoshi minimum withdraw threshold to facuethub ! Passive income !

18a. BitClix | Bitcoin PTC | Earn Bitcoin by Clicking Ads💲

1000 satoshi minimum withdraw threshold !
Fast payout !
High paying ptc !

Status : Paying*2 , Great PTC , Clean

18b. Coinpay you!!💲

10000 satoshi minimum withdraw threshold !
Fast payout !
High paying ptc !
Easy captcha ! Many ads!

Status : Paying*1  ,  Clean

18d. Click2btc | FREE Bitcoins – Progressive earnings + Daily bonus !1💲

Bitcoin ptc ads ! (Many ads)
Mixed amazing features !
4 kinds of bonus !

Status : Scam

☆☆ Ads network☆☆

1. A-ads: Best ads network to earn bitcoin ! No minimum withdraw threshold !💲💲

Best ads network !
Almost all sites approval !
No minimum withdraw threshold !

Status : Paying daily>100 times, Highly Recommende, Best♠️

2. Fun captcha /ads network !💲💲

Almost all sites approval !
$1 minimum withdraw threshold !

Status : New 

Forums paying you to write✏✏✏✏💲💲

Write comment post and get 20 beermoneyforum tokens !

Exchange tokens for real PayPal USD! or exchange tokens for marketplace service !

Status : Paying many times*4, Very high paying 🔥, Informative , Highly recommended 


Sites below are still legit and paying till now !

Essential Payment Processors💰💲💲

Processor👛 Characteristics Payment methods
Local Bitcoin(Paying*4) Bitcoin wallet /trading Bitcoin <>Real Cash
Faucethub(Base)(Paying*23 ) Faucets,Games,Chats,Altcoins Cryptocurrency exchange
Perfect money(Paying*6) Annual interest  US$ <> Cryptocurrency coins
Payoneer(New) Receiving and sending payment US Dollars<> Bank

Status : Highly recommended 

Legit Games Paying you Real Money💰
Facuethub here!

Cryptocurrency Games & Miscellaneous 🎰

Games 🎰 Characteristics Payment methods
Cointiply Annualinterest (Dec)

Passive income 

Bitcoin+ Faucethub
Crypto mining games Fast earnings Bitcoin, Altcoins Cryptocurrency coins +Faucethub
Money clicker Passive income PayPal +Bitcoin +Faucethub
Star coin Quick earnings 2000 Bitcoin +Faucethub
Click fight RPG fight for bitcoin Bitcoin +Faucethub
Quick BTC Level up games Bitcoin +Faucethub
Treasure Virtual Coins+ Gems +Upgrade USD Cash +Amazon/Ebay gift card
Forums✏ Characteristics Payment methods
Forum coin Forum earn $ PayPal
Money Forum Forum earn $

Great contests !

Marketplace !

Postloop Posting for $ PayPal
Exchangers💴 Characteristics Payment methods
Exchanger 1 USD, PayPal and cryptocurrency exchange PayPal, bitcoin, Bank
Exchanger 2 USD, PayPal and cryptocurrency exchange Sweden
Exchanger 3 USD, PayPal and cryptocurrency exchange PayPal, bitcoin, Bank
Exchanger 5 USD, PayPal and cryptocurrency exchange PayPal, bitcoin, Bank
Exchanger 6 USD, PayPal and cryptocurrency exchange PayPal, bitcoin, Bank
Exchanger 7 USD, PayPal and cryptocurrency exchange information! /
Freelance📖 Characteristics Payment methods
Seo clerk Miscellaneous jobs PayPal
Bitcoin freelance Miscellaneous jobs for bitcoin Bitcoin
Writing sites📝 Characteristics Payment methods
I writer Articles marketplace $ PayPal
Virily Passive income (views ) PayPal
infobarrel CPM views PayPal
Selling places Characteristics Payment methods
Image marketplace Passive income 

Buy sell image $

Bank, PayPal
Video marketplace Videos for $ Bitcoin
Click and earn🖱 Characteristics Payment methods
Donkey mail View ads, emails $

no captcha !

10 Payment options
my Free share View ads, share dividend 

Great contests !

no captcha !

10 Payment options
Get Paid Mail View ads, emails

no captcha 

10 Payment options
No minimum View ads, emails

no captcha !

10 Payment options
Your mail View ads, emails 10 Payment options
Tutors sites🗂 Characteristics Payment methods
Tutoring $ Make tutorial videos and earn

Passive income !

Hosting💻 Characteristics Payment methods
Easy Hosting 1 Websites hosting


Hosting 2 Websites hosting PayPal
Hosting 3 Websites hosting PayPal
Ads network🏖 Characteristics Payment methods
Ads network 2 Affiliate network, Revenue sharing

Passive income !

Ads network 3 Earn commission from sale

Passive income !

Ads network 4 Earn from sharing links PayPal, Payoneer

1) Registered on Faucethub , then fill in the wallet address of the coins in facuethub !

2) Click on the facuet link you interested in game or facuet section !

3) Simple registrations if required, or mostly enter your wallet address in facuethub !

4) Simple registration in Exchanger# and follow the instructions to cashout your btc within an hour ! I suggest easybtc116 trader!

🚀Income generates new Income !

💰Paying , legit !

🔥Annual interest !